Level headed?

November 15th, 2013

Laser levels are not a common part of the home toolbox, even in the ‘Man Drawer’. The new STANLEY CUBIX is designed to change all that. We created a short lifestyle video aimed at changing perceptions and showing just how the CUBIX can help to inspire everyday home decor. To support this instore video,  a die cut leaflet was produced alongside some dedicated POS concepts. The campaign was produced in 7 European languages for use by local marketing teams.

See the results for yourself…

The same…but different

February 6th, 2013

A long standing client, Blanc de Bierges have been acquired by Evans Concrete Products based in Derby. It’s been an interesting time as we have been moving the brand underneath the umbrella of Evans. Both brands have their own integrity – Evans for their skills and expertise in civil engineering projects whilst the Blanc de Bierges offer appeals to architects and specifiers as a more aesthetic consideration. Through careful revisiting of the logo, we modified colourways and rebalanced the classical roman typography to retain the ‘Blanc’ – elements of which were established back in 2005. Though Blanc de Bierges represents the more aesthetic side of stonework, Evans themselves helped to create one of the most impressive pieces of public art in the UK. The creation of ‘The Dream‘ for artist Jaume Plensa though a major project was all in a days work for Evans. You can spot this tantilising piece if traveling on the M62 toward Liverpool, where it’s projection above the treetops is quite surreal. Back down to earth, we’ve been adapting the Blanc de Bierges brand website to reflect their more extensive capabilities under the Evans wing- see for yourself here…

Broadening our fields…

January 14th, 2013

AGCO is one of the the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world. Their tractors, combines and other farm equipment are sold in more than 140 countries and are led by four global brands – CHALLENGER, FENDT, MASSEY FERGUSON & VALTRA.

In common with many organisations, their brand positioning relies on marketing support to reaffirm product identity and qualities. Getting Farmers to invest in the FENDT brand instead of budget alternatives is even more tricky when they’re faced with extreme economic and environmental challenges from year to year.

As part of the UK marketing support for the FENDT brand, Fluid Thinking to put together a testimonial brochure. Comprising of 7 in depth case studies, each resulting from full interviews with a range of current owners of FENDT tractors, covering all types of farming from arable to vineyards, with success stories to tell.

The concept was successfully followed up in the 2013 LAMMA show, where the idea was expanded to feature full size testimonial panels designed to brave the elements when sat alongside their owners Tractors.

With more AGCO work in the pipeline, we look forward to getting our hands dirty

Our sharpest work yet?

April 17th, 2012

Without a doubt, the Stanley knife has become a ubiquitous piece of hardware for trade and DIY markets. Enter the ‘Sharpest blade we’ve ever made’ from Stanley Black & Decker and there’s even more riding on reputation. We recently produced a full launch package with POS/ video and print to cut through the swage of lower performing products in the marketplace.

Research findings and test data gave us the starting point to build marketing collateral around around the new Tungsten Carbide Blades offer. After building on graphic treatments used on the packaging, we developed a look and feel – expanding this into the storyboard for an instore video together with POS and leaflet materials which was reviewed by European marketing teams prior to production.

During the making of the video we discovered that the blades lived up to expectation – and beyond – taking safety gloves in their stride!! With our carefully controlled shoot, no-one was at risk  - but a few bets were won!

Utilising the lastest Canon D series allowed us to film in lower light conditions – on site to create an authentic feel. The footage was augmented with some bold animations to drive home the message ’5x Longer life’

After translations, we’ve rolled out the programme across Europe and into 15 languages.

Tough tools – handled with care….

April 28th, 2011

Recently we created some corporate dressing panels and roller banners for Stanley Black & Decker. A series of stylised product photography follows the ‘gritty’ feel of their marketing materials. Whilst the products themselves are of top quality, when displayed at almost a metre across, a blemish can become a feature. Our careful post production ensured top quality reproduction on the finished print.