Our sharpest work yet?

Without a doubt, the Stanley knife has become a ubiquitous piece of hardware for trade and DIY markets. Enter the ‘Sharpest blade we’ve ever made’ from Stanley Black & Decker and there’s even more riding on reputation. We recently produced a full launch package with POS/ video and print to cut through the swage of lower performing products in the marketplace.

Research findings and test data gave us the starting point to build marketing collateral around around the new Tungsten Carbide Blades offer. After building on graphic treatments used on the packaging, we developed a look and feel – expanding this into the storyboard for an instore video together with POS and leaflet materials which was reviewed by European marketing teams prior to production.

During the making of the video we discovered that the blades lived up to expectation – and beyond – taking safety gloves in their stride!! With our carefully controlled shoot, no-one was at risk  - but a few bets were won!

Utilising the lastest Canon D series allowed us to film in lower light conditions – on site to create an authentic feel. The footage was augmented with some bold animations to drive home the message ’5x Longer life’

After translations, we’ve rolled out the programme across Europe and into 15 languages.